Investors have the impressions of Istanbul Investments via Testimonials when they bought apartment through us for return on investment. You can contact with us during sales and after the sales. We provide you all information when you want about investments.

Coming from the same investment background, I found the team of Istanbul Investments extremely helpful when I was looking for investment in the real estate sector of Istanbul.
They were able to address all my inquiries whether being related to macro economy, investment technicalities, competition, future prospects, and on top of that, a superior client service.
I can say that knowing the team of Istanbul Investments was a pillar in making my investment decision in Istanbul.
Raed Al-Ammari
I knew Istanbul Investment since around 2012 . Being a foreigner, finding a trustworthy consultancy and support is the most important thing to go forward any investment.
The difference between Istanbul Investment and other companies, that they are a real hard worker, honest and trustworthy consultants not only a listing company of bulk projects. I met many members of the company, but mainly I worked with Mustafa OGUT Bey whom has an outstanding service and continuous support for my endless queries and questions along these years. The connection become much more friendly than being a consultant & client.
It's not only about starting the investment, but they also track the investment (follow up the payments, visit the project and stayed updated with the latest project news...etc). Few phrases are not enough to describe a long experience, I advice any investor to meet this great team then he may judge, and for sure no one will regret." Zahi Baroudi
Istanbul Investments team were absolutely FANTASTIC throughout our second home search in Istanbul-Turkey! Mr. Murat and his team were diligent in helping us find exactly what we were looking for, making sure all of the boxes were ticked, and demonstrating such patience during the whole searching/buying/closing experience. What makes Istanbul Investments different from the rest is the experience, integrity and the objective advise that they offer. Along with Mr. Murat, Mr. Mustafa Mustafa ÖĞÜT was also amazing, assisting us well after our purchase by putting us in contact with all of their "people" that are needed to get a house set up especially when you have a second home in different country.
They have made it so easy on us when we needed something or advise beyond the real estate services, they immediately referred us to their " List" of contacts! Last, but certainly not least, the team in Istanbul Investment were also able to showed us different investment opportunities in Istanbul that matches with our investment objective and were happy to close a number of investment opportunities through them. Thanks to Istanbul Investment for an outstanding job and we shall always do and encourage others to do business with them” Faisal Al-Nassar
Two years ago I was looking for an apartment in Istanbul as an investment, I was fortunate to know Mr. Mustafa Ogut of “Istanbul Investments”. He was so professional in displaying all best options and opportunities available, I was very happy to select a nice unit at Viaport Venezia project. I could say with confidence that “Istanbul Investments” is a first class firm in the investment business, with highly competent team such as Mr. Mustafa Ogut.
I am so grateful for the “Istanbul Investments” and to Mr. Mustafa personally for all services especially, the after sale services including the prompt response to all enquiries and the follow up of all necessary formalities concerning the unit sale. I will definitely consider using “Istanbul Investments” for future business and recommend it for serious customers. Dr. Ahmed I. Alamoud
We are from Saudi Arabia in April 2013 was looking through the net and we came cross Istanbul investment website where the first time to know about Viaport Venezia we contact them where we first time had to know Mrs Burcak she was very helpful, professional, honest friendly replying any inquiry immediately, committed to the client, she helped us through the two and half year until we received our apartment.
The website of Istanbul investment was very helpful specially providing us with the update monthly with the development of the project. We strongly recommend Istanbul investment to our friends and relative .
Dr. Maha Badr and Marwan Al Khaldi
In 2013 i was in Istanbul for the first time and it did not took me long to make a decision to buy an apartment in this amazing and attractive city . I was lucky to meet Burcak Sen from Istanbul Investment . She was of great help to me in choosing the right project. Very supportive and cooperative. It is my recommendation to communicate with Burcak if any one interested in buying in Turkey.
Khalid Alfakeeh MD
I have been visiting Istanbul since 2009 and always been interested to buy an investment in Turkey. In 2013 when I met the team, they really helped me a lot in making the right decision to buy a property in Istanbul.
Mr. Murat and his team were really helpful and professional about all the real estate business in Turkey. I do recommend everybody to get the advice of Istanbul Investment. You should especially get advice from Istanbul Investments before you buy your real estate investment in Istanbul. M. Muntasir Al-Gailani